Mini 3 Tabletop Display

The MINI 3 is a great value in a small tabletop display.  Consisting of three 18"x 24" panels and one 8"x 18" header, this display comes with velcro receptive black fabric on one side.  As an option you can have fabric on both sides of the display.  Laminated custom graphic panels printed from your digital artwork attach with velcro.  It's light weight (approx 8 lbs) and size makes it perfect for on-the-go presentations, meetings, and small trade shows.  Takes only a minute to set up and take down- take the display out of the included nylon carry bag, unfold the three main panels and attach the header panel.  the MINI 3 will give you years of service.  The frame is made of a high strength patented extruded PVC.  The panels are a fabric coated CORE-PLAST (some companies actually use cardboard!).  The hinges and header attachment pins are metal.

Because of the flexibility of this display, we can build custom sized displays for as few as 5 units.  The frame color can be any of the 14 colors shown below?

Item # 20200   Mini 3 Tabletop display - Blank

Folding display with velcro receptive fabric      $229 R


Item # 20201   Mini 3 Tabletop display - Custom Header

Folding display with velcro receptive fabric

and custom graphic on header frame      $279 R

SetUp:  $60 R

Item # 20202   Mini 3 Tabletop display - Complete Graphic Set

Folding display with custom graphics on main body panels

and header.      $449 R

SetUp:  $60 R