ShowStyle Briefcase-Style Tabletop Displays

The popular "briefcase" display, the ShowStyle transforms from a small briefcase to a tabletop display in a minute! The self storing design allows the display to close with the graphics attached so it is ready to use at any time.  The ShowStyle has an open size of approx. 48"w x 24"h.  The header panel stores in a special slot molded into the back of the case.  The entire body of the display is a tough molded plastic with velcro receptive panels inside.  Very lightweight and easy to carry, the ShowStyle is perfect for smaller presentations.


ShowStyle display, no graphics

ShowStyle with custom header

ShowStyle with custom header & graphics

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Item # 20301

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Item # 20202

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Template for ShowStyle display

We currently have one unit in stock and it includes the optional light kit  and carry bag which is a $239 Upcharge.