ShowStyle Pro32


The very popular ShowStyle briefcase display now has a larger sibling - the ShowStyle Proro32. This larger version has 77% more display space while adding only 30% more weight.  The ShowStyle Pro 32 uses 4 main panels to form an open size of approx. 64"w x 32" h. The header panel stores in a special slot molded into the back of the case. The entire body of this display is a tough molded plastic with velcro receptive interior panels. Very lightweight and easy to carry and set -up, The Pro32 is perfect for events needing a larger display.


The inside of the ShowStyle is velcro receptive fabric which allows easy attachment and removal of graphic panel. The custom graphics are 4 color digital prints coated with a stiff polycarbonate overlaminate that protects and enhances the graphic image.

We currently have one unit in stock and it includes the optional light kit  and carry bag which is a $239 Upcharge.

ShowStyle Pro32

Original ShowStyle

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